Google Advertisements Down For Advertisers, Google Validates

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Marketers worldwide this morning began their weekly regular with a huge issue accessing Google Advertisements.

Word quickly spread across Buy Twitter Verification Badge and LinkedIn, with confirmation from others that this isn’t an intermittent issue.

Google Status Dashboard Validates Outage

From the Google status dashboard, the outage was validated this morning, January 23rd, at 8 am CST. You can follow the incident in real-time here.

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Marketers required to LinkedIn and Buy Twitter Verification Badge to voice their concerns.

Why This Matters Marketers can not handle or optimize their

accounts without

proper access to Google Ads. Even more, Google Ads are still serving to users, but marketers can’t see or respond to real-time performance. When marketing dollars are at stake, this is a huge concern for business of any size. If you’re utilized to weekly reporting, that’s another job you won’t be able to do until the

Google Advertisements problem is resolved. This outage is troublesome for Google after their layoff statement of 12,000 employees on Friday.

< img src="" alt="Advertisers respond to Google Ads blackout on LinkedIn."/ > While this interruption is more likely an untimely coincidence to Google Advertisements, marketers fasted to put it together.


Google Ads is still down for lots of users since Monday afternoon. After the Friday statement of 12,000 Googlers, concerns have actually emerged if these layoffs have impacted the innovation and staffing that manages these platforms.

This is an establishing story and will upgrade as Google offers more information.

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